« Blandine is an excellent coach. She is reliable, friendly, empathetic, responsible,patient and timely. She has a great sense of compassion and humour. She is passionate about life and people. She listens with care without interfering all by guiding you towards the light at the end of the tunnel. She asks you questions that help you discovering yourself and finding the right path to happiness in your professional and personal life. Blandine is a highly recommended, bright, dynamic, inspirational, knowledgable, young lady. Not only that. You can count on when things get messy and stay by your side when they are most needed. She made me see everything from a brighter side, communicate better, express my feelings clearer, take my decisions more rationally and have my feet on the ground with a little cloud on top of them. The life of an entrepreneur is not easy and sometimes you really need a confidence boost to believe that you will get there one day and to reassure yourself that things will get better, less stressful and more predictable…I am grateful for our lengthy talks, which taught me how to persist, how to strive, how to get stronger and how to emancipate myself from my fears…She made me believe and I’m sure that she will make believe everyone that crosses her way in their dreams! »